Hiyo, I’m just about halfway through the rewrite of the second book in the Mirror of Seasons quartet. I could use a little help.

I’m talking about a type of magic in my current book and I need a good name for it. It’s essentially the art of mind control and it’s illegal. (The book features an inquisition in which many magicians are summoned to court and asked if they have ever practiced it. It’s not set in Salem and the lead inquisitor isn’t called McCarthy, but those analogues are just under the surface).

Anyway, the name “Enchantment” could work but I’ve already used that for another kind of magic. The name “Mentalism” fits but it’s too modern and reminds me of that dreadful TV show. I’m currenly using the name “sorcery” which doesn’t really work but it’s a decent place-holder. Any tips?