Back Cover summary of the Frost on the Mirror

Blurb for the back cover of the new book:

Bernard Crowley and his sister Inch are just ordinary old magicians, barely making ends meet, especially since the Northern Church began to declare so many different types of magic to be heretical. Their friend Closer is even worse off. The price of magic keeps going up, and the poor man can hardly keep his magical wheelchair in operation. Their Destinies are changed one Midwinter when they experiment with various magical charms, a mirror, and a book called Giddens of Happenstance. Their lives are thrown into chaos as a Kildareen wizard called Lucy Wilde begins to pursue the artifact they have inadvertently created, and even more mysterious forces work to change the shape of their whole lives. Will they be able to prevent their discovery from falling into the wrong hands?

Published by sjmckenzie

Writer. Celticist. Banjo picker. Family Man.

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