The Mirror of Seasons Quartet

The Mirror of Seasons quartet features evil wizards from the empire of Kildare, who are the colonial overlords of the elves of Helway, the dwarves of the Enderhille, and the backward but spirited people of the North. The manners of the Kildareens are refined, yet poor. Their attempt to bring others under the Kildareen yoke is met with a variety of disobediences, ranging from quiet scorn to civil war.

The first novel, The Ballyman Waits, is set in the autumn of 1563, in the heart of the old Kingdom of the Helway elves. It tells the story of how the elvish Regent, Calloran May, summons a creature known as The Dreamer of Bally in order to assist in the struggle against the Kildareens. The action is seen through the eyes of local Helway elves (Henry, Strange and Wayward), in their haven at the Bell’s Last Hotel, the place where the summoning occurs.

The second novel, The Frost on the Mirror, is set over a week in winter, many years before the other books. It details the initial creation of a time machine by the hapless librarian cum magician Bernard Crowley, his sister Emily Inch, and their ‘outsider’ friend Jeremy Closer. The time machine, a mirror, ends up falling into the wrong hands – namely, the Kildareens.

The third novel, The Dreamer in the Pile, is set over a single week in the spring of 1564. The action takes place in Elonia, a ramshackle northern Kingdom and a puppet state of the Kildareens. The Regent hatches a plot to free the Dreamer of Bally from in a large pile of rubble in Todger’s Siding. He needs the assistance of a dwarvish family (Baxter, Short and Smart MacRae) in digging the Dreamer out, when the time is right.

The fourth book, The Summer of Forgetting, is set over a week in summer of 1564. The action takes place in Kildare, at the heart if the Kildareen Empire. The elvish King (in minority), Tannis May, is disguised as a final year magic student, Tom Bold. The novel details Tannis’ life during exam week, as he and his unwitting allies (Moffat Indanger-Jones and Holly Bravey) attempt to inveigle their way into the inner echelons of the Kildareen wizard order so they can get close to the magic mirror. Much anticipated comeuppance ensues for the Kildareens.

Along the way, subjects touched on include (but are not limited to):

silver mining, shaved arms, troll music, dreams, angels, cowards, trombones, destiny, necromancy, sexy ears, liars, zeppelins, raft-making, evil empires, university exams, hobos, gay princes, war perfume, sorcery, librarians, family heirlooms,  old age, and martial arts.

There are some samples in the menu above, from the early chapters of each book. If you’re intrigued, get in touch.